Well, this is very cool. A company known as UPspec Gaming is opening a Kickstarter campaign for a device known as xScreen - a detachable screen which you can plug into your Xbox Series S and take on the go.

The Kickstarter is expected to launch this summer, but the design can be seen in full now and is actually pretty interesting. The detachable screen comes built in with integrated power, as well as a pass through for a power cable and storage expansion card. As for the screen itself, it boasts a 60hz refresh rate, has a built-in speaker system, and can even be flipped up and down like a laptop.

It's a fairly cool design, and one that could prove to be popular granted the Kickstarter succeeds. More details are promised in the summer, but you can register your interest already, which will grant you access to early bird savings and insider product info. We really do hope this one does well, as it's a really inventive little feature.

According to UPspec Gaming, the early bird offer is sitting at 200 units and is close to selling out for $159. After that, another 200 units will be made as part of tier 2 at the price of $189. The full retail version will come in at $249 when it eventually launches.

If you're wondering why Xbox has never commissioned a handheld device, former Xbox boss Robbie Bach explained why earlier this year. Bach claimed the teams "just didn't have the bandwidth to do that" - but you never know... maybe one day.

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