Xbox Dominates Steam Top Sellers Chart For Second Week In A Row

Last Tuesday we highlighted that Xbox Game Studios had enjoyed an excellent week on Steam, and the run has continued over the past few days, with three out of the five top spots being taken up by Xbox once again.

In the Steam Weekly Global Top Sellers chart for the week ending 4th July 2021, Sea of Thieves retained its spot as the best seller on the PC platform, followed by Forza Horizon 4 which shot up to second place. Impressively, Forza Horizon 4 actually had two entries in the top five, based on different versions of the game.

Meanwhile, Halo: The Master Chief Collection also performed impressively, finishing in seventh.

The success of Sea of Thieves in particular can most likely be attributed to the recent A Pirate's Life update, while the rest appear to have received a boost in popularity due to being included in Steam's current Summer Sale.

It's great to see Xbox games selling so well on Steam regardless, especially considering they're included with Xbox Game Pass for PC at no extra charge.

Have you bought any Xbox games on Steam over the past week? Tell us down in the comments below.