Xbox And Bethesda Are Donating $10,000 To Charity In Honour Of The Fallout Dog Who Passed Away

Anyone who has played Fallout 4 may remember Dogmeat - the canine companion in the game. The dog who motion-capped her, River, sadly passed away last month. To commemorate her legacy, Xbox and Bethesda have joined together to donate $10,000 to charity.

The money is going to Montgomery County Humane Society, an animal charity in the US. Both companies are also encouraging fans to jump in and do the same, helping out for a lovely cause.

Some of River's family also commented on the tweet, saying they "had no idea the magnitude of what she meant to the rest of the world". Xbox replied: "River meant so many things to so many different people who played Fallout. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful companion into all of our lives."

Other fans have also commented to share their experiences with Dogmeat in the game. It's nice to know that despite River passing away, she'll go on to be remembered and loved by her family and fans in Fallout 4.

Do you have any fond memories with River/Dogmeat in Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments below.