This is not the Monday feeling we wanted, as we're sad to report that River - the dog behind the fan-favourite Dogmeat in Fallout 4 - has sadly passed away.

The news comes from Joel Burgess, the former lead level designer on Fallout 4, who instead of providing a eulogy, decided to share River's impact on the game in a thread on Twitter. Originally, River was used as the model for Dogmeat, who is an early companion in the game who can remain with you until the very end.

In a heart-warming thread, Burgess explained the effect River had at the studio, how she was more than a prop to be "poked and prodded", but a member of the team that everyone in the studio grew to love. Diving in further, Burgess detailed the process into how River became Dogmeat by looking at behavioural patterns, using native sound effects, and most importantly, the bond between him and her over the years.

As fans of the game who have poured countless hours into exploring the world, we have fond memories of Dogmeat / River, from exploring abandoned ruins together, to her saving our lives on numerous occasions. We're saddened to hear the news, but her legacy will continue as players explore the open-world RPG with the canine by their side.

Do you have any fond memories in Fallout 4 with Dogmeat? Let us know in the comments below.