The Coalition Reveals First Screenshot Of Unreal 5 Xbox Series X Demo
Image: The Coalition

The Coalition is set to show off an Unreal Engine 5 demo next week as part of GDC, but ahead of that event, the team has shared the first image of it - captured on an Xbox Series X.

Ahead of debuting Alpha Point, the name of The Coalition's Unreal Engine 5 demo, an updated listing on the Unreal Engine site gives us a gorgeous first look at an in-engine screenshot. This won't be a showcase of an upcoming game, but rather a technical demonstration of what the team has learned working with Unreal Engine 5 so far, and how they can push graphics even further on next-gen systems.

It was revealed back in May that The Coalition would be moving to Unreal Engine 5, and this presentation is said to "evaluate UE5 on the Xbox Series X/S", along with the team sharing thoughts on how "performance and memory stacks up in Xbox Series X and S-style production environments."

"Catch the public debut of Alpha Point, a UE5 technical demo created by The Coalition to evaluate UE5 on the Xbox Series X/S. Hear what the team learned as they tested internal Nanite assets in Lumen-driven lighting scenarios, as well as their thoughts on how UE5’s performance and memory stacks up in Xbox Series X and S-style production environments."

If you want to see the full public showing of Alpha Point, it's set to air on July 20 at 1:20pm PT / 4:20pm ET / 9:20pm BST. Unfortunately, it looks as though you'll need to be a GDC attendee to view the presentation, with entry prices beginning from $249. That said, the footage may be posted publicly after the event, so we'll be sure to share it if so.

Again, don't go in expecting any game announcements or footage of the new Gears entry, but rather a technical discussion and a visually pleasing demo showcasing the potential of Unreal Engine 5 for Xbox Series X.

Will you be tuning into the Alpha Point demonstration? Drop us a comment and let us know.