Resident Evil Village Passes 4.5 Million Total Sales

Can you believe Resident Evil Village is still smashing it out of the park? When it launched back in May, it was celebrated as it reached 3 million sales, and now here we are 1.5 million sales later with another milestone.

Capcom confirmed the news on Resident Evil's official Japanese Twitter account. It reads: "The cumulative worldwide sales of "Resident Evil Village" has exceeded 4.5 million", and also goes on to entice those who haven't played the game to check it out.

It's currently ahead of Resident Evil VII at the same period of time, which moved 3.5 million copies after nine weeks. While its grand total is now sitting around 9 million, it appears Resident Evil Village may be set to beat it in the long run.

With the confirmation at E3 2021 that Resident Evil Village will be getting post-launch support, we imagine the sales number will rise alongside its new content. There's no word on what that content will entail yet, but its said to be bouncing off the success of the game, so will no doubt cater to what the community is desperate to see.

Are you one of the 4.5 million sales for Resident Evil Village? Drop us a comment and let us know.