We're all well aware that the Xbox team loves to have fun when it comes to promoting the likes of the Xbox Series X, S and Xbox Game Pass, but this new marketing campaign for Xbox All Access might just top the lot.

It literally takes the form of a 90s style music video featuring "R&B sensation" All-4-One, reimagining their 1994 ballad β€œI Swear” with new lyrics centred around Xbox and the Xbox All Access monthly payment program.

Instead of "I Swear", this version is called "It's All There", and the video is just utterly ridiculous, showing the process of an Xbox user upgrading their old Xbox One to an Xbox Series S while All-4-One serenades us with smooth vocals - complete with dramatic camera angles, slow-motion effects, wind machines and 90s fashion trends.

"Xbox All Access is available in twelve countries around the world and will come to more partners in more countries over the next year. Look out for more nostalgic Xbox All Access β€˜90s themed content in the coming days."

You can watch the full thing above, and once you've recovered, give us your thoughts down in the comments!

[source news.xbox.com]