Lost Judgment Dev Explains Why The English Dub's Lip Syncing Isn't As 'Silky' As Yakuza
Image: SEGA

If you've been keeping tabs on Lost Judgment recently, you may have noticed the English dub looks a bit off. Don't worry, you're not going crazy - it's now been confirmed to be a step back from previous instalments by the game's localisation director.

Scott Strichart shared the process on Twitter, highlighting why the game's English dub isn't as "silky" as Yakuza: Like A Dragon. The simple answer? Time. Due to not wanting to delay Lost Judgment's release, the team did not have the time to reanimate the game's animations for the English dub. Couple in the fact that the real world is currently in a pandemic, and that problem grows ten fold.

This marks the first time an entry in the Yakuza franchise has received a simultaneous global release, and as a result, some sacrifices have had to be made. Strichart reiterated that this "is through no shortage of hard work and heavy lifting" from the teams, but agreed "there are lessons [to be] learned."

Strichart also encouraged fans to check out the original Japanese dialogue with subtitles, claiming "it won't hurt the dub's future", and that "it's only going to get better with time".

It's obviously a shame the team didn't have the time to improve Lost Judgment's dubbing, but it's understandable given the new release schedule and the global situation. Aside from that, it's great to hear of work on improving localisation in the future, as it plays a very important part in introducing franchises like these to a wider audience.

In related Lost Judgment news though, it's been reported that the game could actually be the last entry in the short series, as SEGA and actor Takuya Kimura’s talent agency are supposedly engaging in on-going disputes. Let's hope not!

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