Yes, the popular PC team-based, tactical FPS shooter Insurgency: Sandstorm is still scheduled for Xbox at some point, having previously been delayed on multiple occasions, and a Closed Beta is set to begin soon.

A page on the Insurgency: Sandstorm website is now asking for players to "sign up for a chance to be one of the first to play Insurgency: Sandstorm on consoles", available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

It's noted that you'll have an increased chance of getting into the Closed Beta if you include your Discord name on the form, and keep in mind you'll need to be 18 or older to take part, as well as sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The most recent delay for Insurgency: Sandstorm on Xbox came back in June 2020, when the game was delayed indefinitely for Xbox One and PS4. However, it was hinted back then that an Xbox Series X and S version could be on the cards as well, and the extra time would "allow us to deliver a more complete and optimised version of the game".

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