Following months of rumours and even some leaked screenshots, Bethesda finally gave us a very brief first look at Starfield yesterday as part of Xbox's E3 2021 Showcase, although it was only in the form of a quick teaser trailer.

However, the team has today expanded on this a little further with a new video called 'Into the Starfield: The Journey Begins,' which reveals some behind-the-scenes footage, loads of artwork, and just a smattering of story details.

"We invite you to join Constellation, the last group of space explorers. It's a next generation role-playing game where you'll be who you want, go where you want, experience our stories and forge your own.

More than that, Starfield is about hope, our shared humanity, and searching for the answers to life's greatest mystery."

Bethesda says it will have loads to share on the progress of Starfield, including more videos like this, and has confirmed to The Telegraph that it will be be playable in first and third-person. Here's the artwork featured in the video:

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