New Gameplay Screens Appear To Have Leaked Of Bethesda's Starfield

Uh, oh! Looks like Bethesda has had a pretty big leak, as a few new gameplay screenshots appear to have surfaced online from the highly-anticipated Starfield, supposedly from an early 2018 build of the game.

Twitter user SkullziTV has posted some of these on his account, stating that they are they are "all from an early 2018 build and likely in test cells on the gamedev side of things," and will likely be the "last we see for a while."

Another couple have also appeared anonymously on Imgur, which you can see below:

These aren't the only screens that have allegedly leaked of the game over the past year, as some kind of concept art showed up last week online, and two images (similar to the ones above) also surfaced in September of last year.

With any luck, Bethesda might have some actual up-to-date gameplay to show us at E3 next month, and there are even rumours that the game might release as soon as this fall. Just a few weeks to go until we find out!

What do you make of these supposedly leaked images of Starfield? Let us know down below.

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