Three More Games Are Available Today With Xbox Game Pass

It's Game Pass day! Three titles out of the latest batch of Game Pass announcements are available today (June 24) and they're highlighted by the EA Play addition of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered for GP Ultimate members.

EA Play games typically don't get added until later in the day, so if you can't download Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate yet, rest assured you will be able to at some point later on.

Here are the new games you can download with Xbox Game Pass today:

We've also included Worms Rumble below in case you missed its addition yesterday!

Iron Harvest (PC)

Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game (RTS) set in the alternate reality of 1920+, just after the end of the Great War. The Game lets you control giant dieselpunk mechs, combining epic singleplayer and coop campaigns as well as skirmishes with intense action on the battlefield for multiplayer fans.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered (Console, PC)

Unleash a savage sense of speed both as an outlaw and a cop in this timeless racing experience updated for today’s platforms. With cross-platform multiplayer and Autolog, enhanced visuals, all main DLC delivered at launch, and much more, this is the ultimate version of Criterion Games’ critically acclaimed Need for Speed debut.

Prodeus (PC)

Prodeus is the first person shooter of old, re-imagined using modern rendering techniques. It reaches the quality you expect from a AAA experience while adhering to some of the aesthetic technical limits of older hardware.

Worms Rumble (Console, PC, Cloud)

Worms Rumble is Worms like you’ve never played it before, with intense, real-time, arena-based 32 player cross-platform combat. Get ready for Deathmatch and Last Worm Standing modes where you’re only ever a Holy Hand Grenade away from death!

Interested in any of these new Xbox Game Pass titles? Let us know in the comments.