Sometimes you can get completely lost in a game and then before you know it, your controller battery has gone out right in the middle of a hectic moment. Well lucky for you, the OtterBox Power Swap Controller Batteries seeks to ensure you never have to worry again.

Its designed to be the "industry's first on-the-fly hot-swap design", meaning once your battery has depleted, you can quickly swap to another without your controller disconnecting. But how is this wizardry achieved you may ask? We're glad you did. A reserve power cell maintains power whilst the batteries are changed - from a lovely charging dock no less - meaning you have ample time to quickly swap over.

"It's inevitable; controllers always die at the worst possible time. OtterBox Power Swap Controller Batteries feature quick-release technology for one-handed install during gameplay. No pause needed.

Compatible with standard Xbox Wireless Controllers, a reserve energy cell continues to power your game while you swap batteries to keep you in the game."

A warning indicator on the battery will also light up when the power is drawing low to signal ahead of time that you should change over. It's part of the 'Designed for Xbox' program, and offers a new way of keeping your controllers powered - perfect if you have one controller. Personally, we use the Venom Twin Charging Dock for our multiple controllers, and it's lovely. But if you're a single controller user, this could prove to be extremely useful.

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