Psychonauts 2 Has Been Spotted On Multiple Rating Boards
Image: Double Fine

Things are really ramping up for Psychonauts 2 now, as multiple sightings have seen the game being rated ahead of its launch later this year.

Both a Brazilian and German rating board have both given their verdict. Twisted Voxel spotted the game on the Brazil rating board, while Twitter user Klobrille noticed the German rating, along with one for Age of Empires IV on PC. The latter one in particular has it down as rated 12 in that region, which mirrors it being rated teen by the ESRB on the Microsoft Store.

There's been rumblings that the game could be shadow dropping at E3, although industry insider Jeff Grubb has claimed this not to be the case. We'd be very surprised if we didn't get a release date at E3 at the very least, as Double Fine has hammered home that the game will be releasing this year. Marketing for the game has quickly been ramping up, indicating now may finally be the time for Psychonauts 2.

When do you think Psychonauts 2 will release? Let us know your predictions down below.

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