Screenshots and gameplay for Psychonauts 2 is coming thick and fast, and we couldn't be more excited. We still have no idea when it's launching, but it seems like we're being geared up to find out soon as marketing ramps up. Game Informer are currently running coverage of the game and have recently released new gameplay which highlights one of protagonist Raz's abilities.

The new Psi-Power in question is known as Mental Connection, and essentially acts as a grappling hook to traverse the many environments in the game. It can also be used in combat too for deadly effect. We also get a look at exploration, dialogue options, and some of the world we'll visit in Psychonauts 2. It's looking very impressive

As part of our exclusive Psychonauts 2 coverage, we're giving you a 4K look at the game's new psi-power! Here's your first look at mental connection, Raz's new power that allows him to connect thoughts, traverse levels, and obliterate the enemies of Double Fine's latest adventure!

Double Fine have also dropped a Spring update video for the game, highlighting the development process in the past few months. The game appears to be in its final stages as "testers have played, feedback is being addressed, small tweaks and extra dialogue added, and preparations made for launch later this year."

If all this wasn't enough, yesterday saw a ton of new screenshots for the game drop and they look gorgeous. The game has been a long time coming for many fans, and if you're still wondering what all the fuss is about, you can check out the first game now via Xbox Game Pass. Hopefully we get an official release date for the game at E3.

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