Phil Spencer Was Pleasantly 'Surprised' By The Reaction To Xbox's E3 2021 Showcase

Xbox had a killer showing at E3 2021 this year, winning 'Best Presentation' at the E3 2021 Awards in the process, and head of Xbox Phil Spencer has admitted that the reaction was even more positive than he expected it would be.

Speaking on the Dropped Frames podcast yesterday, Spencer acknowledged his pleasant surprise in regards to the fan reaction to the show, expressing his delight for everyone involved in putting it together over the past eight months.

"I will say I was surprised how positive the reaction was. I was positive on the show, but the reaction was even more positive than I [expected]. And sometimes it's the opposite, where I'm more positive than the show turns out. It's just the art form that is entertainment."

"It's such a nice thing for the teams, who work so hard for so long to put that show together... I was really happy with the reaction and I was pleasantly surprised to see everybody loving it so much."

Spencer talked a bit about some of the highlights of the show from his perspective, including having Todd Howard from Bethesda kicking off the show, finishing with Arkane Studios' Redfall, and the huge reveal of Forza Horizon 5.

We recently held a poll here at Pure Xbox gauging the community's reaction to Xbox at E3 2021, with a whopping 51% calling it an "amazing showing from Xbox", and another 35% classing it as "pretty good all things considered".

What do you make of Phil Spencer's comments about Xbox at E3 2021? Let us know down below.