With Xbox pumping a lot of effort into Cloud Gaming, many have believed this may be the future for the company. But Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said the team doesn't want to take away the "choice" of how people play their games.

The question was posed in a recent interview with YouTube channel Same Brain, where the hosts spoke about how they've encountered places - such as their parents' houses - with slow internet connections, which has tarnished their Cloud Gaming experience. Spencer made it clear that the future of physical media on Xbox will be here for many, many years, appreciating numerous players don't have the technology for fast connections, and it's all about giving consumers a "choice".

"As a tech industry, even as a gaming industry, we like to sometimes say everything is going to be this or everything is going to be that, and in the end there's nothing that's everything. It is the diversity of what people do and how they play, and it's absolutely why those consoles [exist] is because it might be your parents situation for many, many years that the best thing is to get a console that has a drive, so you can go buy a disc and put it in the drive and go play a game.

"We don't want to take that choice away either, because as you said, there are just certain scenarios where the best example isn't going to be streaming or downloading all the games to the platform. It is really about choice for the customers because everyone has their own unique situation, and it shouldn't be about what we need or what we want as a company, but really it should be about what our customers need."

This interview comes after Spencer's conversation with Microsoft CEO Satyna Nadella earlier this week. At the time, Nadella commented on how Cloud Gaming, Xbox Game Pass, and empowering creators are the three key areas for the company, while also emphasising that Microsoft is "all-in" on gaming.

The idea of Cloud Gaming is still foreign to a lot of gamers out there. Many, as evidenced in the interview, lack the resources to really take full advantage of its benefits. Sometimes physical games are the best solution, and while Xbox has some hurdles to climb with its DRM, it's great to see they're still a focus going forward.

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