If you're thinking of taking advantage of Resident Evil Village's ray tracing option on Xbox Series S, you may want to rethink that. Tech wizards Digital Foundry have taken to the recent demo to see how options fare across the various platforms, with the Xbox Series S posing some worrisome results.

While Digital Foundry did praise the Xbox Series S' ability to boast an impressive resolution quality through its reconstructed 1440p display, the performance takes a massive hit. Interestingly, Resident Evil Village runs at 45FPS when ray tracing is enabled, but it's claimed to not even make that. Instead, it's reported the demo has been seen to drop down as far as the mid-30s with poor consistency.

On the other hand, Xbox Series X owners seem to getting a better deal. The original specs sheet for the game signalled that with ray tracing enabled, the Xbox Series X version would also run at 45FPS, but Digital Foundry has found it to be closer to 60FPS, which is a bonus.

"So how does Series S fit in? Yes, there is an RT option and no, we don't recommend that you use it, as the hit to performance can be extraordinary. Where Series X runs just under 60fps, Series S lurks in the mid-30s and general consistency in performance is really poor. Image quality is quite impressive, however: where Series X renders at reconstructed 4K, Series S does it at a reconstructed 1440p instead - albeit with that big, big performance deficit. Thankfully there is a route forward for Series S owners. Turn off the ray tracing features and Resident Evil Village returns to the expected 60fps, with just the most minor of dips beneath - and even then, only fleetingly."

Of course, this could all change come the full release as demos are more often than not representative of the full game. But given we're this close to release, we would expect the demo currently running to be fairly close to what the final build will be. In any case, when the embargo lifts we'll be able to know for sure how the full experience runs. Fingers crossed it's a little more promising for Xbox Series S users.

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