Xbox Studio InXile Entertainment Appears To Be Making An 'FPS RPG'

It was revealed last year that Wasteland 3 developer InXile Entertainment was working on an "ambitious" RPG, and now, thanks to a new hint, it looks like that game will take the form of a first-person shooter RPG.

This reveal came out of the blue following a tweet from the official Xbox account yesterday, to which InXile Entertainment replied "NEW + FPS + RPG." Here's a look at the original tweet and response:

In the past, InXile has explained that it will be using Unreal Engine 5 for its next-gen RPG, and appeared to be hiring on multiple occasions for the game last year. Since about September 2020, however, the team has remained largely silent.

Whatever it ends up being - and whatever year it eventually releases - you can guarantee it'll be a day one Xbox Game Pass release, as InXile Entertainment is a first-party Xbox studio. We're looking forward to learning more!

Liking the sound of this, or are you not interested in an FPS RPG? Give us your thoughts down below.