Wasteland 3
Image: inXile Entertainment

With the next generation of gaming upon us, there's a lot of talk lately about what first-party developers under the Xbox banner are currently working on. While we know about some upcoming projects from studios such as Rare and Turn 10, there's still a lot of gaps to fill.

An Xbox enthusiast and Twitter user who goes by the tag 'klobrille' recently shared a list of some of the "known AAA projects" currently in development at Xbox Game Studios. A number of hours later, inXile Entertainment Studio Head Brian Fargo added to this, mentioning how his own team was developing an "ambitious" role-playing project.

Microsoft originally acquired inXile in 2018. Since then, the American-based team has been busy creating the role-playing title Wasteland 3 – due out this May, on multiple platforms including Xbox One and Windows. Assuming he's not referring to this title – which seems highly likely – it's exciting to hear there appears to be even more on the way from the talented teams at Xbox Game Studios.

It's not just more game releases, either. Last week, during Microsoft's Game Stack Live stream, General Manager of Game Development Kevin Gammill said Xbox had 16 first-party developers. It means there's potentially even more teams working on Xbox exclusives than ever before.

What kind of "ambitious" RPG would you like to see from inXile? Have you played any of the developer's previous releases? Tell us down below.

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