These Leaked Battlefield 6 Images Showcase Explosions And Robot Dogs

Battlefield 6 is not having a great time containing leaks right now. Every other day more and more seems to slip through the cracks. Word on the street was that the trailer was intended to be shown early this month, but it now appears to be coming sometime in June. That being said, it seems some leaked images from the promotional material has surfaced.

Known Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson has corroborated that these are in fact leaked images from the trailer he's claimed to have seen (also, thanks to VGC for rounding up the images). While most are covered with a popular meme obscuring the still, there's still a few (albeit low res) images available to see. They seem to showcase a tropical island, rockets, and a robot dog? Yeah, we're not sure about the last one either, but if the images are real, then it seems some futuristic elements may be in play.

This follows the audio from the trailer allegedly leaking online earlier this month. It seems at this point the best course of action would be to simply to release the trailer, but EA still appears to be keeping their cards close to their chest. The company does remain confident that fans will be "blown away" by the upcoming reveal trailer. The leaked images don't give it justice, but we'll see for ourselves when it eventually officially drops.

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