Rumour: Microsoft Has Supposedly Bought Ad Time For Starfield In 2021

There's been a lot of speculation already this year about whether Bethesda's mysterious upcoming Starfield game will release in 2021 - or even be revealed in 2021 - and another rumour about this surfaced over the weekend.

According to Xbox Era's Shpeshal_Ed, as highlighted on the latest Xbox Era Podcast, Microsoft has already purchased advertising time for Starfield in 2021, suggesting (but not confirming) that it could release this year.

"The reason I believe Starfield is [coming out in] 2021 is because Microsoft have already purchased ad time for it. For 2021. So, that is why I have always said I think it's 2021... It's not a guarantee of anything, don't get me wrong, they had done marketing deals for Halo Infinite as well."

"If you think logically about when they would have bought this ad time, it would have been during the pandemic. So if they’re buying ad time for a game to come out in 2021, during the pandemic, then obviously they must be aware of something we’re not."

There have been rumours in recent months that Starfield is expected to at least make some kind of appearance at E3 next month, but until now it's seemed a bit hit-and-miss about whether it'll actually release this year.

We'll probably have to wait until Xbox's and Bethesda's press conferences at E3 for any kind of official indication on this, but in the meantime the rumours will most likely continue as we get closer and closer to that event.

Do you think we'll see the release of Starfield in 2021? Give us your thoughts down in the comments.

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