In yet another podcast appearance, industry insider Jeff Grubb has shared more information about Bethesda's plans for the remainder of this year now that it's been acquired by Microsoft.

Speaking on the YouTube channel Dealer - Gaming, Grubb said he expected the company's new and highly anticipated IP Starfield to be shown around the time of E3 and be followed by a release later this year - provided there are no delays related to the pandemic.

"What I heard is that Bethesda is probably 90% going to have it at E3... [or] whatever they call E3, they won't actually be a part of the official E3, but 90% for it [Starfield] to be there, and then what follows is usually the 'Fallout 4 battle plan', right - they'll introduce at E3 and launch it in like November. I completely still have to factor in covid."

Grubb most recently said Microsoft and Bethesda would hold an event in mid-March discussing the immediate future of the two companies becoming one, and sure enough - a roundtable took place last week. He's also got a reliable track record of revealing game announcements well ahead of schedule.

Starfield was first announced in June 2018, and right now, does not have an official release date. Whenever it does launch, there's a good chance of it also coming to Xbox Game Pass. Learn more about Starfield in our Pure Xbox Guide.

Can you see Bethesda's new IP arriving this year? Share your thoughts down below.

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