Random: PlayStation's Days Gone Is Now Technically Playable On Xbox

You've probably heard by now about the new Microsoft Edge browser currently being tested by Xbox Insiders, and due to its significantly improved capabilities, it's actually possible to play pretty much any PC game through it.

And so, following the release of PlayStation console exclusive Days Gone on PC the other week, a couple of Xbox fans have been using the new browser to stream the game to their Xboxes, albeit with a few caveats.

So, how is this possible? In Tom Warren's example above, he's using software called Parsec to basically stream his desktop PC to his Xbox via the new Microsoft Edge browser, which is why the footage appears to be extremely laggy. We've seen evidence in the past that NVIDIA's GeForce Now is significantly smoother with the new Xbox browser, but Warren claims that as of the moment, Microsoft Edge is being blocked by NVIDIA's service.

Microsoft has been adding features to the new Microsoft Edge browser for Xbox on a consistent basis in recent weeks, including full mouse and keyboard support, and it's expected to roll out to the public in a few months' time.

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