We highlighted late last week that a brand-new Microsoft Edge app had begun rolling out to Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, offering some pretty crazy possibilities including the ability to access Google Stadia.

It turns out NVIDIA's GeForce Now service also works with the new app (thanks VGC), albeit with quite a few caveats at the time of writing. The video above shows YouTuber Joe Chip getting the PC version of Wreckfest to work after a couple of attempts, functioning through GeForce Now via Steam with an Xbox controller. Crazy! He also explains that he got Quake II to run, but it can't be played due to the current lack of mouse support with the new browser.

"Can you imagine, when they make keyboard and mouse available for the Edge browser, if they ever do, then you could be playing your entire Steam library on an Xbox."

Joe Chip definitely has some troubles getting this to work as intended, but Microsoft has confirmed that the app is still in an "early preview" phase and "features and functions might change" before it actually receives a public release, so with any luck, these cloud services might actually be able to run pretty smoothly in the future.

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[source videogameschronicle.com, via youtu.be]