Everwild Has Been In Development For Five Years
Image: Rare

When Everwild was announced last year, we were left a little unsure of what the game actually is. With just a CGI trailer out in the wild (no pun intended), you'd be forgiven for thinking the game's not that far in its development cycle. But on the contrary, it looks as though it's been in pre-production for quite a while.

With Rare focusing heavily on Sea of Thieves over the past few years, it's hard to believe the resources have been there to bring another huge project to life. However, as spotted by one eagle eyed Twitter user, several LinkedIn profiles for employees at Rare suggest it's been in pre-production as early as 2016. One employee's work history also seems to pinpoint active development commenced back in early 2019.

When we'll learn more about Everwild remains to be seen. One industry insider recently suggested that the game's release is years off, but Rare are yet to come out with a solid release window. Numerous developers on the project have been hyping it up since its reveal. One claimed it's "unlike any other game that's ever been made", while another added that it's "something the world doesn’t have and hasn’t seen before".

Whatever Everwild may be, hopefully we'll hear something soon. It's possible that it could make an appearance at E3, but with rumours leaning towards it being years away, we wouldn't be surprised if it made an omission.

Are you excited for Everwild? Do you have any ideas of what it could be? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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