Everwild Lead Designer Says Game Is Something The World Hasn’t Seen Before

Rare announced Everwild during an Xbox presentation last year, and details about the game have been slim since. But according to the game’s lead designer, “something unique is brewing at Rare”, and we can’t wait to hear more.

As spotted by Twitter user Idle Sloth, Everwild’s lead designer, James Blackhawk, shared a post on LinkedIn about the upcoming game and had some big things to say about it. Blackhawk claims “it’s something the world doesn’t have and hasn’t seen before”. Which is a huge promise.


The thoughts mirror that of Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, who says the game “is something really unique”, and will be “something truly special”. We haven’t seen any gameplay of Everwild yet, but these comments are getting us more excited. Maybe we’ll get a tease later this year?

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[source twitter.com, via linkedin.com]