Microsoft: Rare's Everwild Is Unlike Any Other Game That's Ever Been Made

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has been talking more about Rare's upcoming IP Everwild in an interview with the Spawn on Me Podcast, revealing that it's "unlike any other game that's ever been made."

We got our first real look at Everwild as part of last week's Xbox Games Showcase, but even so, we still don't really know what it's about. Rare also recently mentioned that it's still "playing around with gameplay ideas," but Greenberg stressed during the interview that the game will be "something truly special":

"What Louise [O'Connor] and the team at Rare is building with Everwild is something really unique and special. It is unlike any other game that's ever been made. And they have such a creative vision... We want to give them all the creative freedom to create what their full vision is. Everwild is something truly special."

The GM of Xbox Games Marketing then went on to discuss a bit more about the trailer we saw last week, and revealed that he was present in the first pitch meeting for the game when it was envisaged:

"I was there when they took me through the first pitch for Sea of Thieves, and same with Everwild. We just sat around a room and they kind of took us through the vision, some of the visuals, and how they were thinking about the world, and now to be able to start sharing more and more of that is where things get even more exciting."

Are you excited for Everwild based on what you've seen and heard so far? Let us know in the comments.