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The Xbox May 2021 update has reportedly begun rolling out now to all Xbox users, and it's packed with quite a few new features, with the highlight being some major improvements to Quick Resume on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Here's a brief overview of what's on the way, with more details available at Xbox Wire:

New Quick Resume improvements

With this update, Quick Resume is getting even better, with improved reliability and faster load times.

We’ve also made it easier to identify and access games that support and are saved to Quick Resume. You’ll be able to see if your current game supports Quick Resume with a new tag. Gamers on Xbox Series X|S can also take advantage of a new group that lists all the games currently saved in Quick Resume.

Passthrough audio for media apps

Try passthrough to make audio on your favorite Xbox media streaming apps like Disney+, the Apple TV app, Plex, Vudu, and more sound even better. Passthrough lets audio decoding from media apps on your compatible HDMI devices bypass the console for the highest quality listening experience with your external sound system.

Watch game trailers with Xbox Game Pass

Discover your next favorite game on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with faster and easy access to spotlight trailers for games in the Xbox Game Pass library. Now game titles featured in the spotlight on the Game Pass hub will play trailers when you focus on them.

New dynamic background – Motes

For the launch of Xbox Series X|S, the team added dynamic backgrounds, a new feature letting you customize your Home screen with motion and color. This month, we’re offering the new pattern– “Motes”.

Motes Dynamic Background

It seems Microsoft has also added a classic Xbox dynamic background. You can read more about this in the following post: 'The Original' Xbox Dynamic Background Is Now Available.

Ask a parent: Multiplayer by title

Starting this month, you can approve multiplayer games – where you can play and communicate with other gamers – by specific title, directly from your console or in the Xbox Family Settings app. If your child wants to play a specific game in multiplayer mode but they’re blocked by family settings, they can send a request to unblock multiplayer for that game only.

Xbox app for Android and iOS keeps getting better

First, stay connected with a new push notification that lets you know when your favorite friends go online. We’re also updating achievements game pages to add game stats, including ‘time played’. Lastly, reliability is incredibly important to us, and we’re happy to say we’ve made some changes that improve the performance on loading your chats tab and sending messages in the app.

Smart Glass app for PC

We’ll be sunsetting the Xbox One SmartGlass app for PC starting this June. This means the SmartGlass app will be removed from the Windows Store and there will be no further updates for those who have the app already downloaded to their devices.

Which of these new features are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.

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