Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade A Timed PS5 Exclusive
Image: Square Enix

If you were hoping, like us, that Final Fantasy VII Remake could be heading to Xbox now that the year long exclusivity deal with Sony is up, then prepare yourself. The upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, an upcoming extended version of the base game, has now also been confirmed to be exclusive to PlayStation 5 for at least six months.

A final trailer for the game has gone live, and many fans hoped we'd hear something about an Xbox launch in the near future. Unfortunately, the end of the trailer reveals it will be a PlayStation 5 Console Exclusive, with a disclaimer of it being tied to the system for at least six months.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade A Timed PS5 Exclusive

Of course, this doesn't completely confirm that an Xbox version is not coming. It could be entirely possible for the non-Intergrade version to make its way over. But it's highly likely that this suggests we won't be seeing Final Fantasy VII Remake on Xbox this year, as we expect Square Enix would more than likely bring the complete version over - if at all.

If we're likely to hear anything, we expect it will be at E3. Square Enix has recently confirmed it will be in attendance, and the company appears to have a good relationship with Microsoft. Just recently we had the surprise drop of Dragon Quest Builders 2, so we do hope Final Fantasy VII Remake is in the pipeline - even if it isn't for another six months.

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