Phil Spencer Shelf Easter Eggs Returns
Image: GamesBeat

In a growing trend that always gets the internet talking, Phil Spencer appeared in another stream last night and the fabled shelf of goodies returned. The return has already got fans speculating what the Easter Eggs could possibly be.

As part of Gamesbeat Live 2021, Spencer made an appearance to talk about Gaming for Everyone at Xbox. For starters, the much talked about Nintendo Switch console still resides on his shelf. There have been a lot of talks and speculation as to what this could mean, if anything, with many believing that Microsoft and Nintendo are gearing up for a big announcement in the future. Additionally, the Ludens statue returns, which kickstarted all of the Hideo Kojima partnering with Xbox talk.

Another interesting return is the Watch Dogs: Legion mask. This has been rumoured to be heading to Xbox Game Pass in the future, so could be a reference towards that. A rumour has also come out today that Xbox is partnering with Lucasfilm on a game based on Disney's The Mandalorian - stemming from a Funko in the picture - although that Funko is actually believed to be of Halo's Arbiter and not the Star Wars character.

Looking at how the internet reacted last time, if Spencer wanted to temper expectations, he would have most likely reworked his shelf or removed items that could possibly be misconstrued. So he's either toying with us, or this is a wealth of teases for us to dissect. The other alternative could be that he just really loves decorating his shelf with cool gear, but the sporadic framing of everything just seems off. E3 is just around the corner, so hopefully we'll see if any of our suspicions have been founded there.

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