Leaked Documents Suggest Xbox Wants To Bring Game Pass To Other Consoles

The ongoing court battle between Epic Games and Apple has brought a lot of confidential documents into the spotlight, and one of these suggests that Xbox "haven't given up" bringing Xbox Game Pass to other consoles.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer mentioned this in an email to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney in August of 2020, telling him that "I have your point on xCloud on other consoles ('haven't given up')", as highlighted by The Verge and Windows Central:

"Additionally, Phil Spencer also noted that they 'haven't given up' on getting Xbox Game Pass onto other consoles, i.e. like the Nintendo Switch."

Notably, Spencer references Xbox Cloud Gaming rather than Xbox Game Pass in his email, but as the two are linked at present, it sounds like the team at Xbox would specifically like to bring Game Pass streaming to other consoles.

The other part of the email from Spencer relates primarily to Xbox's efforts to remove the Xbox Live Gold requirement for free-to-play games, which eventually happened last month. At the time in August 2020, the Xbox boss told Sweeney that "we will get there [with F2P] and I want to partner with you."

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[source theverge.com, via windowscentral.com]