The Nintendo Switch Just Keeps Appearing At Xbox Events Right Now
Image: Microsoft

This time last week, it was suggested by a couple of industry names that Xbox might be working on some kind of partnership with Nintendo, and now the Switch has made another unlikely appearance as part of Game Stack Live 2021.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer conjured up a lot of attention by including Nintendo's console in the background of an appearance during a recent livestream, and yesterday it was featured behind Xbox exec Sarah Bond as part of a speech:

Previously, VentureBeat journalist and industry insider Jeff Grubb suggested that "pretty much everything" that was included on Phil Spencer's shelves a few weeks ago was a sign of things to come, including the Nintendo Switch.

It could just be the Xbox team having a bit of fun with us, but the Switch is taking pride of place alongside the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in this latest appearance, so it certainly seems like something might be going on.

Do you think this is a tease, or is it just the Xbox team playing around? Give us your thoughts below.