Metal Gear Solid News Could Be Coming Next Week
Image: Konami

It seems like a lifetime since Metal Gear Solid V released, and since then news on the franchise has been low - outside of a poorly received Metal Gear Survive. But now it looks we could be getting something next week... maybe.

The official Twitter account has seemingly teased an upcoming announcement, which could suggest a number of things. The most obvious being a brand new game reveal, but it's also Metal Gear Solid 2's anniversary this year, so this could just as easily be another form of celebration.

Looking at the tweet, the official Twitter is responding to a newly made account by the name of Tom Olsen - an account that was made less than two weeks ago, and one which the official Twitter account has recently followed. The tweet teased that it has some "visitors coming next week", which sounds suspiciously like some news is on the way.

At this point, the news could be anything, but there have been some heavy rumours that a remake of the first game is in the works. If that is the case, the question we're left with is whether that game will make its way to Xbox? Or will it be a PlayStation exclusive? Fingers crossed we hear something very soon.

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