Marvels Avengers

It's been a difficult period for Crystal Dynamics since the launch of Marvel's Avengers on multiple platforms last September. While Square Enix is promising to stick with it (even after the game failed to recoup development costs) - not everyone on the team will be continuing on.

One, in particular, is Shaun Escayg - the writer and creative director of the game. He confirmed this in a brief post over on Twitter, where he revealed he has already returned to his former employer Naughty Dog - the first-party PlayStation studio best-known for The Last of Us and Uncharted series.

Escayg's departure comes less than a year after the release of Marvel's Avengers. Despite this, there's apparently no need to worry - as the superhero project is still in "good hands".

Although the game's creative director is no longer involved, Marvel's Avengers might still be worth a look - as the Xbox version recently got upgraded. It's supposedly very, very good.

What do you make of this departure? Do you think Marvel's Avengers could potentially bounce back in the future or are we now at the end game? Leave your thoughts down below.

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