Ryse: Son of Rome was one of the most popular Xbox One launch titles back in 2013, and even eight years later, it remains a visual showcase. You should definitely check it out on Xbox Game Pass if you can!

There's been talk of a potential sequel for years now, but those talks ramped up again just a few months ago when a whole bunch of Crytek documents supposedly leaked, suggesting 'Ryse Next', along with a variety of other projects including a Crysis battle royale game, had either been pitched or planned.

Since then, we've actually seen footage of that alleged Crysis BR game, suggesting the leak was at least partly true, and now Xbox Era podcaster Shpeshal Ed says he's heard some details from a source about Ryse:

"This person told me yep, there's a new Ryse in development. I can't give dates and I can't give orders of when things are happening... I've been given pictures of stuff that leads me to believe this person is legit.

The interesting part about Ryse is that, at least at the time of whenever this was happening, it was a multiplatform game, and not exclusive to Xbox. So, should this Ryse game be happening, it seems like it may be multiplatform."

So there you go. Is 'Ryse Next' the real deal? Only time will tell. We'd certainly love to see a sequel, but admittedly it still seems like a bit of a stretch to us, so we can only hope this rumour comes to fruition.

What do you make of this rumour? Would you like to see a sequel to Ryse? Let us know down below.

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