The footage above is not family friendly nor suitable for work due to bad language, so be warned!

OK, before you watch the video, we're going to have to unpack this one. You might remember that back in 2012, early footage of Halo 4 leaked onto the internet with very grainy footage and loud music, and now it looks like someone else has done exactly the same thing with an unannounced Crysis game - posted over on 4chan.

The footage appears to show a very work-in-progress version of a Crysis battle royale game, which was reportedly referenced in leaked documents last year, although nothing along these lines has ever been officially announced.

As you can see above, there's also a mention during the video that the player was killed by an "underpaid Crytek employee", which appears to be an insider joke by the folks at Crytek, if indeed this gameplay is actually the real deal.

The footage looks legit, but whether it is, or even if the game is still in development remains to be seen.

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