We highlighted a video back in early March which showed an Xbox Insider playing PC games on their Xbox through NVIDIA's GeForce Now service, all thanks to the capabilities of the new Microsoft Edge app on Xbox.

That app is still only available for Xbox Insiders for now, but it's moved on quite considerably, adding full mouse and keyboard support in recent days. As a result, it's actually becoming possible to play PC games on Xbox with mouse and keyboard, including games such as Counter-Strike: GO and even PlayStation's Death Stranding.

Here's what Tom Warren of The Verge had to say about his experiences with it:

"Currently, I can stream Google Stadia games and use mouse and keyboard on the Xbox, but I’ve also been able to successfully stream PC games from Steam to an Xbox through the browser.

I’ve played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Death Stranding, DOTA 2, and a bunch of other PC games that simply aren’t available on Xbox right now."

Interestingly, Warren wasn't able to access these games via GeForce Now, which reportedly isn't working on the new Microsoft Edge app right now, but instead used an app called Parsec to stream the games from his PC to the Xbox browser. As a result, he noted that "latency / connectivity isn’t always the best."

It's still early days, then, and it'll be interesting to see how this develops ahead of the new Microsoft Edge app getting a full release for all Xbox users in the coming weeks or months. Best case scenario, we could be playing the likes of Counter-Strike and even Runescape (!) on our Xboxes in the not too distant future.

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