Microsoft To Reportedly Host 'What's Next For Gaming' Event Very Soon

The rumours are out and about again! You might remember that back in early February, it was reported that Microsoft had a "What's New For Gaming" event to be held on March 23rd. But instead, the Xbox Indie Showcase took its place.

That event is reportedly still planned, however - at least according to Mary Jo Foley over at ZDNet, who notes that this event (apparently called "What's Next For Gaming"), will take place at some point in the coming weeks.

"Microsoft is supplementing its main, larger conferences this year with smaller "What's Next" virtual events. A "What's Next for Gaming" event is expected in the coming weeks. The Game Stack Live event also listed on the US events page is not that event, I hear."

That's all we know about the event so far, but as Windows Central points out, it's best not to expect game reveals at this event, as it will likely be more focused around new tech and platform features for Xbox. Who knows, we might even get a release date for Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS and PC, for example.

In any case, hopefully we'll find out more shortly. Before then, Microsoft is also hosting another event this coming Saturday in the form of the Age of Empires: Fan Preview, where hopefully we'll get a release date for Age of Empires 4.

What are you hoping to see at this rumoured event? Give us your hopes down in the comments.

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