Resident Evil Village Map Revealed

We're not long from Resident Evil Village hitting Xbox, and understandably, excitement levels are at an all time high for fans. To help tide us all over until May 7, Capcom has unveiled a look at the game's map, giving us a taste of the locales we'll be exploring next month.

In an exclusive reveal to IGN, a screenshot of a table has the map laid out for fans to start dissecting and theorizing what could be awaiting them in each area. It seems to be broken up into four distinct locales - Castle Dimitresu, Heisenberg's Factory, House Beneviento, and Moreau's Reservoir, with smaller areas scattered throughout. If you look closely, you can even see a giant sea monster in one section. Yeah, no, we're not fans of that...

Resident Evil Village Map Revealed

It clearly looks a huge expansion from the Baker's house seen in Resident Evil VII. As pointed out by IGN, it also seems to be heavily influenced by Resident Evil 4, which also took place in a village. How open ended the game will be remains to be seen, but we're due to get a new look at it on April 15, so maybe we'll hear some new details then.

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