God Of War Creator Says Sony Will Have A Response To Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription service has undoubtedly had an incredible year, adding the likes of EA Play, a massive batch of Bethesda games and countless AAA titles, not to mention the arrival of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Back in November, Sony's Jim Ryan stated that PlayStation had "news to come" about some kind of response to the success of Xbox Game Pass, and now God of War creator David Jaffe has weighed in on the topic.

Here's what Jaffe had to say in a live discussion on YouTube (transcribed by Video Games Chronicle):

“We had the guy on the show yesterday that had made the petition to fire Jim Ryan and I was like, ‘dude, that’s way premature’ because Jim Ryan doesn’t owe anybody, Sony doesn’t owe anybody, the truth about what’s coming and what their counterpunch to Game Pass is."

“What I can tell you is I know they are doing some stuff because I know people at Sony who have told me that they are doing some stuff. There will be a response to Game Pass."

Jaffe, who was director on the first two God of War games as well as creating the Twisted Metal series for PlayStation, admitted that he doesn't know what that response will be, so was unable to provide further details for now.

Despite teasing a response last year, Sony's Jim Ryan did state that PlayStation was "not going to go down the road of putting new releases into a subscription model," saying that "for us, [it] just doesn't make any sense."

How do you think Sony will respond to the success of Xbox Game Pass? Give us your thoughts below.

[source videogameschronicle.com, via youtube.com]