Watch Dogs Legion Roadmap

Undeniably, Watch Dogs: Legion had a rocky launch, with numerous issues on Xbox Series X|S that even prevented the game from being saved. Months later, the game is in a stable state and multiplayer has begun rolling out, so the team at Ubisoft has outlined their plans for the game over the coming months.

With a mixture of free add-ons and season pass content, it all kicks off late in late April, with a new playable character and missions available. Moving into May, online players will receive a wealth of new PVP and Tactical Ops missions, then in late June, the huge Bloodlines expansion will launch, which brings playable characters from previous games into the fray. Finally, August will see the Assassin's Creed universe intertwine with Watch Dogs: Legion.

Still on the fence? This weekend Ubisoft is allowing all players to check the game out for free, so you can decide whether it's for you or not. It includes the online multiplayer portion too, so plenty to get stuck into over the weekend.

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