Exactly one month since the Xbox Series X|S launch, and Watch Dogs: Legion will finally be properly playable on the new systems as Ubisoft has announced its auto-save issues will be fixed in a patch later today.

Ever since its launch, many players, including ourselves, have been hit with a notoriously widespread issue which resulted in save progress being lost upon restarting the game. The issue meant many were forced to restart hours upon hours of progress.

Title update 2.40 will seemingly rectify that issue as the patch notes for the Xbox Series X|S section reads: "Fixed an issue causing the game to not properly save progress". The Xbox One will also receive fixes regarding the game crashing.

It will be great to finally get to jump into the game a month since the console's launch and appreciate the next-gen enhancements such as ray-tracing, without the worry all the progress made will be for nothing.

Will you be jumping back into Watch Dogs: Legion following the patch? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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