Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Mode Delayed Xbox Series X
Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft announced last month that Watch Dogs: Legion's multiplayer component would finally be releasing on March 9, but it appears to have hit a slight roadblock just before launch.

While the majority of the online content will find its way onto Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S tomorrow, it appears the Tactical Ops mode has been delayed until March 23. Tactical Ops are said to be huge co-operative experiences, that see groups tackling a variety of objectives across multiple stages. However, due to some crashing issues throughout, the mode is being held back from the launch.

Watch Dogs: Legion's multiplayer was intended to drop not long after the game's original release, but was postponed to focus on fixing a variety of single player issues, including a massive save corruption issue on Xbox Series X. Now it seems there are a few more hurdles before the full experience is with us, but we're almost there.

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