Microsoft made some waves in the Mixed Reality space last week when it revealed Microsoft Mesh, which "enables presence and shared experiences from anywhere – on any device – through mixed reality applications."

Xbox Series X director of project management Jason Ronald was asked about Microsoft Mesh on the Iron Lords Podcast this past weekend, and explained that while there's nothing to announce, the Xbox team is "keeping tabs" on it.

"One of the benefits that we have in a company of this size is, we can learn from other divisions, and we can share technology with them. So, the Hololens team is a team that I meet with semi-frequently to kind of understand where they're pushing the technology.

And then, like I said before, we're always thinking about, how would we apply this to games? There's examples of, you know, this notion of spatial anchors and presence - knowing where you are in the physical world. So, nothing to announce now, but definitely something that we keep tabs on. When the technology is ready or if we can come up with a compelling experience around it, that's one of the benefits that we have in a company of this size."

Microsoft says the new Mesh platform "enables its users to connect with presence, share across space, and collaborate in an immersive way as if they were in person regardless of physical location. Customers can leverage Mesh to enhance virtual meetings, conduct virtual design sessions, assist remotely better, learn together virtually, host virtual social gatherings and meet-ups."

Niantic also provided a proof-of-concept Pokémon Go AR demo using the Microsoft Hololens 2 as part of the Microsoft Mesh reveal, so it'll be interesting to see if Team Xbox can find a way to utilise this platform in the future.

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