We recently found out that Scarlet Nexus will be gracing our Xbox systems on June 25, and now a Japanese live stream dedicated to the game has given us an unfiltered look at gameplay ahead of its release.

While the video is in Japanese, fans will want to check out the various gameplay aspects of the game, and the live stream focuses on many key points. We get a good look at the combat in action, ferocious boss battles, and even exploration in-between the more chaotic moments. Scarlet Nexus isn't simply striving to be a fast-paced action game, but also seems to be focusing on more character driven moments, which the stream highlights.

The gameplay is broken up as part of a 70 minute long stream, but fear not, Gematsu has provided timestamps to skip to each section and see the game in all its glory.

- 0:24:44 to 0:26:15 – Special Battle Attire Set “Audio”
- 1:07:35 to 1:16:55 – New Himuka1
- 19:50 to 1:21:24 – Struggle Arms System (SAS)
- 1:24:11 to 1:25:42 – Strengthening Bonds
- 1:26:04 to 1:27:08 – Bond Benefits1
- 28:04 to 1:33:07 – Boss Battle

With great action games such as Code Vein in Bandai Namco's back catalogue, we have high hopes Scarlet Nexus is going to deliver. It's the sort of anime action fans love to see, and it's not long before everyone can get their hands on it.

Are you excited for Scarlet Nexus? Let us know in the comments below.

[source youtube.com, via gematsu.com]