Here's What Time Outriders Goes Live On Xbox Game Pass This Tuesday

The big Xbox Game Pass release this week is Square Enix's Outriders, which launches this Thursday, April 1st, and we now know exactly what time the game will go live - both on Xbox and on the service itself.

It's pretty simple - on all Xbox consoles, the game will unlock at "your local midnight" on April 1st. PC players don't get the same luxury, but unfortunately Outriders isn't going to be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC anyway.

As for whether you can pre-load? There's no official word on this just yet, but you can actually do it right now by accessing the official Xbox app on your Android or iOS device and selecting the game's 'Download To Console' option.

Outriders Xbox Game Pass Pre-Load

Don't forget that all progress from the Outriders demo can be carried over to the main game, so if you're getting antsy and you want to play it right away, you can rest assured that your progress will continue this Thursday.

Looking forward to the release of Outriders on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know down below.