Xbox Design Lab Controllers (Xbox One)

Although the Xbox Series X|S was launched last November, Microsoft's console teams are still in the phase of transitioning everything across to the next generation. This includes the Xbox Design Lab, which was temporarily suspended last October.

At the time, it was mentioned how the Lab was "preparing for its next evolution", which suggested the team was readying up for the arrival of the new Xbox controller. Earlier today, team Xbox provided a minor update, in response to a fan on Twitter. The good news is Microsoft hasn't forgotten about the Design Lab, and yes - it will be returning in 2021.

Although the Design Lab has been down since last year, Microsoft has been releasing its own colourful controllers for the Xbox Series X|S. In recent times it's launched a Shock Blue controller and a Pulse Red one. There has also been a request for a green controller, so if nothing official is announced, perhaps a Design Lab creation will do the trick.

Are you looking forward to the return of the Xbox Design Lab? Got a custom controller design in mind that you want to create for the Xbox Series X|S? Share your thoughts down below.