Bungie's Employees Seem To Be Really Excited About Something
Image: Bungie

Odd behaviour from Bungie staff on social media over the past week has caught the attention of many fans of the company. A number of employees are simply tweeting the word "Bungie" with no context attached.

Here's just one example, from Christopher Barrett - the director of an "unannounced" Bungie project:

To add fuel to the fire, Bungie senior game designer Josh Kulinski then mentioned how he had never "left a company meeting more hyped" in his life. Later on, he said he was just excited about a three-day weekend, but some fans are of the belief this is a cover-up.

So, if all of this is more than a joke - what might it be to do with? On the Xbox front, there have of course been theories about Microsoft reacquiring Bungie (something that's been ruled out time and time again).

More realistically, if anything is going on, it's more likely to be linked with Bungie's recent announcements that it would be expanding its headquarters in the US, opening a new office in Amsterdam and was aiming to "bring at least one new IP to market before 2025".

What do you make of all of this yourself? What would you like to see next from the Destiny 2 and former Halo developer? Share your thoughts down below.

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