Fortnite Fans Are Convinced Peter Griffin Is Coming To The Game

Ever since late last year, Fortnite’s latest season has all been about introducing characters from other IPs. We’ve had Star Wars’ The Mandalorian join, as well as our very own Master Chief entering the fray. Judging by a recent data mine, the next big character could be Family Guy’s very own Peter Griffin.

As spotted by Fortnite data miner GMatrixGames, a recent purge has discovered files under the name of ‘FrenchFry’. Within, an assortment of Peter Griffin stills from Family Guy are seen residing. This has led many fans to believe that he could be the next skin coming to the game, as some of the stills seem to focus on Griffin’s dancing, a popular trait used in Fortnite. While others have argued it could be used to test animations in game, it does beg the question as to why would they use Peter Griffin?

Other Fortnite leakers in the comments have reportedly corroborated the data mine, confirming that the existence of the files is true. Some of the scenes include the iconic chicken fight from the show, but now with the blood from the scenes removed, indicating that it’s possibly being geared up for some use in Fortnite.

It just remains to be seen whether the scenes from the show will be used in-game in some way, or whether Griffin himself will be a new skin. Hopefully we'll find out in the near future!

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